Sunday, January 4, 2009

What statements to ban in the next brainstorming session!

Here is a most interesting collection of the top 100 idea-busters that are used successfully at workplaces around the world whenever a new idea is proposed.

Which ones have busted your ideas? And worse still, which ones are you guilty of using to bust other people’s ideas?

1. Have you checked with the legal guys?
2. What does finance say?
3. The client won’t like that.
4. The sales team won’t buy that.
5. It’s not what we are.
6. Will anyone understand?
7. The boss won’t buy that.
8. It’s too soon for that.
9. We are not ready yet.
10. I don’t think it will work.
11. I don’t understand.
12. Do you understand what you are proposing?
13. It costs too much money.
14. We can’t afford to lose money.
15. It will never fit into our system.
16. The investors will not buy that.
17. Why?
18. Do you know the implications of this?
19. Let’s take a vote on it.
20. It’s politically incorrect.
21. It won’t be easy to do that.
22. It’s too complicated.
23. It’s too late for that now.
24. What!?
25. Who says?
26. It needs lots more research.
27. Let’s discuss this in another meeting.
28. Have you tested it on a 100 monkeys yet?
29. Yes, yes…why don’t you send me a mail on this and I will look into it.
30. Let me play the devil’s advocate.
31. Nobody will want to use that.
32. Now, where exactly are you coming from?
33. It can’t be done.
34. Let’s put it up to the committee.
35. Let’s do some more work on this
36. I’ve never heard of such a thing.
37. We’ve never done anything like that.
38. We’ve already tried it 17 years ago.
39. That’s been done before. It was a disaster
40. Sounds simple, but . . .
41. We’ll get back to you.
42. It creates more problems than it solves.
43. Sounds like too many hassles.
44. Yes, but . . .
45. That only solves part of the problems.
46. Here we go again.
47. Remember what happened last time we tried something like this.
48. That’s unique, but . . .
49. Interesting, but . . .
50. I understand, but . . .
51. But . . . It’s just not for us.
52. Keep at it…you’ll get it someday.
53. That sucks.
54. I don’t like it.
55. Have you really thought it through?
56. But will it sell?
57. Maybe next time.
58. Maybe another day.
59. Great idea, but . . .
60. What are people going to say?
61. I really like it, but . . .
62. People will think we’re nuts!
63. That’s BS.
64. What are you saying!! Be realistic.
65. Let’s tone it down a bit
66. How about this instead?
67. Get a grip!
68. Are you serious?
69. That turns me off!
70. The client is too liberal for that.
71. The client is too conservative for that.
72. So, what else do you have?
73. So!
74. So what?
75. Oh . . . Oh?
76. Oh, really!
77. Get real.
78. It’s not feasible.
79. Hey, there’s a recession going on.
80. Sounds too crazy!
81. Nobody does that.
82. Has anybody tried that?
83. Are you absolutely sure?
84. That’s too radical.
85. We have a system here.
86. You can’t argue with success.
87. We don’t have time to try that out.
88. That’s not supported by research
89. Let’s stay within our limits.
90. We are stretching our budget already.
91. Let’s wait till we see the numbers.
92. You are proposing what?
93. We’ve never done anything like that.
94. The media will roast us.
95. That is not for you to decide.
96. We’ll step on too many toes.
97. Just leave it to me
98. I’ll take care of it.
99. You could lose your job for that . . .
100. Let’s not rock the boat.
101. Silence with a shocked expression!
102. Laughter.
103. Boos.
104. Where did that come from?
105. I’ve got a better idea.

Do you have a new idea buster to share? Do add your comment below. You can even choose to forward this list to your boss!

By: Shalu Wasu

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