Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recruitment- Challenges faced

Recruitment is a function which requires business perspective, expertise, ability to find and align the best potential candidate for the organization, marketing & selling skills and intelligence to align the recruitment process for the benefit of the organization. The HR professionals associated with the recruitment function are constantly facing new challenges. The biggest challenge for HR professionals is to attract and recruit the best potential candidate for their organization.
Some of the major challenges faced by the HR professionals are;

Adaptability to globalization: The HR professionals are expected to keep in themselves in tune with the changing times, i.e. the global trends. HR should maintain the timeliness of the process
Lack of motivation: Recruitment is considered to be a thankless process. Even if the organization is faring well, the HR department or professionals are never given the credit for hiring the right professionals.
Process Analysis: The immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the main concerns of the HR in recruitment. The process should be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the immediate requirements. The recruitment process should also be cost effective.

Strategic prioritization: The emerging new systems are both an opportunity as well as a challenge for the HR professionals. Therefore, reviewing staffing needs and prioritizing the tasks to meet the changes in the market has become a challenge for the recruitment professionals.

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